Wednesday, January 22, 2014

50 Piece Makeup Artist Palette from ELF-Gorgeous!!!!

When i first saw that palette at the  e.l.f. uk e-shop, i thought that it was a beautiful and very practical makeup stuff!Classy and clever packaging!
  So when i saw it on my gift box i went crazy...I reaaally wanted to try it out.....And im going to present it to you today!!! Salalallalaaaaaaaaaaaa....

I am impressed from its mirror,it's just huuuuge!The palette include 40 eyeshadows,5 blushes and 5 bronzers.

                  Im gonna make some swatches for you.

     As you can see i am fond of the cool tone,but lets see some              warm colours too!
And some glittery!
So what do you think???
Personally it was above my expectations,and i just love it!
It's very pigmented and with great colours!
You can create an everyday look,an evening look, you can contouring....
It's an all in 1 palette!And its very affortable too!
I will certenly recommend it.
I hope e.l.f. will consider making some separate sides that you can put in the case,like the custom compact idea!That would be the highlight of this palette!

Can't wait until the next post!
Kisses xxxx