Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Single eyeshadow swatches by e.l.f.

I deside my first swatches to be about those beautiful single eyeshadows!
my first impression was very good...I like the packaging very much...

I have a total of 8 shades.
from left: sea blue, totally teal, purple passion and sunset!

and with the same order on my hand

Oh,by the way that's my baby boy!! <3

from left: charcoal, pebble, mystic moss and wild wheat

Now,those colours are not that good on my skin tone,sadly...Although i love the charcoal,and the mystic moss.

   What do you think???
My favourite ones are the sea blue,the purple passion(even if its a little too intense),and the charcoal!

Until my next post!

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