Friday, January 24, 2014

Baked Eyeshadow Palettes -NYC and California- from e.l.f. !!!

Hello everyone!! Today im going to make a review about Baked Eyeshadow Palettes from e.l.f. at NYC and California colour!
At the begining i wasnt so into it.....Today was the first time that i finally manage to try them out!
 When i put them on my skin I didnt like their pigment at all. 
So i thought that i could try them wet and i have to say that the result was outstanding.
I like their pachaging and i looove this big mirror that they have.
So now lets take a look at the palettes and let me make some swatches for you too!

All their colours are glittery!
This is the NYC palette.
and this is the California.
In general i prefer the NYC because i am not fond of  brown colours.Although i love the silver and the purple colours from the California.
I dont know if there are builtable and if they blend easily because i havent manage to make a full makeup with them...If you are interested in something like that let me know,
and i will make a video tutorial for u!
Until then,kisses...


  1. ναι ναι....και οι 2 uploaded...όμορφες και με επιλογές που συνδυάζονται και μεταξύ τους...θα χαρώ δω tutorial με αυτές τις παλέττες...φιλιά!!!

    1. Σκέφτομαι να ετοιμάσω ένα smoke με την NYC!Αυτο το μπλέ είναι απίστευτο!