Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Studio Cream Blush from e.l.f.

Heeello everyone!!!
Todey i desided to make a review about to studio line cream blushes from e.l.f.!!!
I just recently started to use blushes,and i havent yet manage to try them that much,but i was reaaally impressed by those colours that they have and i couldnt resist making some swatches for you!!!

The packaging is pretty big.It has the size of my palm!!!
And that is a looot of product to use!!!
Most of the colours are usable from a variety of skin tones.
They have very thick consistency,but there are a little tricky to use if you are a beginner...
It's smooth and finishes very soft and it does't grease!you can also use it for highlighing and contouring at the right shades....Also it's oil-free and (i loove that) cruelty-free!!!!!
Here you can see how beautiful the colours are.....I havent use many product and the result was intense as you can see,so be carefull with the amount af cream that you are going to use!We dont want to look like clowns!and girls pleaaaase blend properly  your blush!Really!!! favourite shade is Vixen!What do you think???

Till the next time!!

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